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Since 1976, Termostampi has been actively engaged in the field of tools manufacturing for food containers and cups made from PolyPropylene (PP), PolyStyrene (PS), PVC and PET. Termostampi is specifically specialized in the construction of Thermoforming tools, a technology which is adopted for different kinds of products; from coffee to drinking cups, form pick-nick plates to food containers up to bigger products such as bath tubs.

For 40 years, Termostampi has manufactured over 2,000 molds revolving around customer ideas and requirements. For Termostampi, product quality begins with the selection of raw materials, purchased from leading European producers of steel and aluminium. Accuracy and precision, which are fundamental for a mold, are guaranteed by using the most advanced technologies and the unceasing search for innovative solutions in each stage of production. A strong team of 50 professionals help achieve all this and assist customers on a daily basis.

Termostampi’s history:

  • 1976; Termostampi starts out as a mechanical tooling company. Then it specialises in manufacturing molds for thermoforming
  • 1992; First participation in the Dusseldorf Fair to facilitate the opening to international markets
  • 2004; Foreign sales exceed domestic Italian sales
  • 2002; The area dedicated to manufacturing is doubled
  • 2009; The pre-production thermoforming machine is installed and then the 3D printer for prototyping
  • 2011; NexTS was created to support Termostampi in both research and development as well as production services. NexTS tests the molds before delivery, making pre-samples or pre-productions: this will ensure that the product is 100% reliable and ready for immediate use.

Why Termostampi?

  • Over 36 years of experience
  • Specialisation in thermoforming
  • Quality and design culture
  • Controls along the whole supply chain
  • Testing on a new generation of thermoforming machine
  • After sales service and maintenance (Retrofitting, adjustments, updates, enhancements and refurbishment of new and old molds)
  • Over 2000 molds produced and delivered worldwide
  • + 16% of turnover invested in process improvement
  • - 30% manufacturing lead time
  • - 25% delivery lead time (from order to delivery)

Termostampi’s Mold Portfolio: