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With 40 years of experience, Filippini& Paganini and Saldoflex are among the world’s leading companies in the production of high technology machinery for flexographic printing, automatic BAG making, and Cutting machines for bags and Rolls.

Saldoflex’s range of Bag making machines is:

  1. Complete automatic installations for high speed production in multi-lines of shopping bags and bottom seal bags; up to 700mm lengths & 1200mm widths.
  2. Complete automatic installations for high speed production up to seven lines bloc-notes bags and bottom seal bags; up to 700mm lengths & 1200mm widths.
  3. Complete automatic installations for the production of perforated bottom seal bags, winded in rolls with paper labels sticking; up to 2000mm widths and un-winders for roll diameters of 1300mm.

The above solutions are integrated with electronic bag-making machines with the option of having printed or non-printed finished products. In addition, such lines can be equipped with several accessories to provide world class quality and flexibility (ex: automatic punching units). The machines are engineered to process a wide range of films: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, BIO-DEGRADABLE, and RECYCLED MATERIALS.
Saldoflex’s range of Flexographic printing machines is:

  1. Superflexol Stack-Gearless; 8 colors, 800 x 1200.
  2. Superflexol Stack-Servo driven; 6 colors, 1200 x 1200.
  3. In-line stack-type flexographic printing press “Flexol servo driven”; 8 colors, 2000 x 1200.
  4. Cronoflex Central Drum Printing Press; 6 colors, 1600 x 800.

Flexographic printing machines are manufactured in series in different versions at 4 - 6 - 8 colors with useful printing widths of mm. 800 - 1000 - 1200 - 1400 - 1600. With complete and integrated electronic control systems, such printing technology is capable of producing high quality results for half–tone jobs on packing and packaging films of various materials;  PE, PP, BOPP, PAPER, etc…

Not to mention the possibility to add different auxiliaryequipment like:  Non-Stop full automatic flying splice turret unwinders; Non-Stop full automatic flying splice turret rewinders; electronic ink viscosity controls; full automatic web-guiding; web inspection with different solutions of video cameras; corona treatment equipments; automatic installation for ink group wash-up (quick clean); automatic equipments to control solvents concentration; video plate mounting system; and so on…