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Imanpack has been designing and producing automatic packaging solutions for over 30 year. Experience and advanced technology make the company stand out for its ability to grasp the needs of its customers and suggest innovative and custom packaging solutions which increase profitability. Such characteristics allow the firm to work in many different markets with world leading manufacturers to deliver high quality and precision systems.

Imanpack quality machines include both horizontal and vertical wrappers, carton forming/filling equipment, high speed and accuracy electronic counters, robotic palletizers, and a variety of material handling conveyors; namely:

  • Horizontal flow-pack machines: 
    • Micropac Super Pba: Horizontal flow-pack machine with Speed: Up to 200 bags/min, Products width : from 10 to 190 mm, product length: from 10 to 190 mm, product  height: up to 120 mm.
    • ServoflexPba / Pbb: Horizontal packaging machine with Speed: Up to 300 bags/min, Products width : min10 to max 330 mm, product length: min 35 to max 600 mm, product  height: max 120 mm.
    • Moonlight Pba/ Pbb: Horizontal wrapper with Speed: Up to 60 bags/min, Products with: from 20 to 380 mm, product length: from 50 mm and up, product height: up to 200 mm.
    • Starlight: Electronic wrapper with Speed: Up to 100 bags/min, Products width : from 10 to 380 mm, product length: from 100 to unlimited, product  height: up to 250 mm.
  • Vertical wrapping machines:
    • MFW 2000: Vertical bagging machine with a speed up to 15 bags/min
    • Microvert 2000: Form fill and seal wrapper with a speed up to 60 bags. Min
    • Servovert: High velocity, continuous operation machine with speeds up to 100 bags/min.
  • Counting and Weighing machines:
    • Counting modules CMF5: Automatic counting module with speeds up to 100 pcs/min.
    • MCWS 3 TWIN: Weigh/count scale with speedsup to 15 cycles/min.
  • Carton forming machines:
    • MTRF 2000: Automatic box and tray forming machine with Speed: up to 40 boxes/min, product width: min. 60mm - max 200mm, product length: min. 60mm - max 300mm, product height:min. 30mm - max 125mm.
    • MCTN 2000: Intermittent horizontal cartooning machine with speed: up to 50 boxes/min, product width: min. 40mm - max 200mm, product length: min. 90mm - max 300mm, product height:min. 20mm - max 70mm.
    • CTV 1000: Intermittent vertical cartoning machine with speed: up to 35boxes/min, product width: min. 35mm - max 130mm, product length: min. 72mm - max 200mm, product height:min. 28mm - max 50mm.
  • Palletizing and Handling machines:
    • AV100: Cartesian pick and place robot 2-axis with the ability to do 30 pick/min.
    • Robot palletizer:Anthropomorph, speed is depending on the application.
    • Spider robot: High speeds pick and place robot with the ability to do up to 150 picks/min.

These solutions help serve the following industries:

  • Food Industry; different types and forms of food.
  • Hardware
  • Wet wipes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics
  • Other customers with custom solution requirements.

An Imanpack customer becomes a partner due to the close work with the technical team to help the customer find a solution to any packaging requirement from the simplest economic wrapper to the most complex and complete tailor-made packaging solution.