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Based in Stabio, Switzerland; WM Wrapping Machinery’s technical department engineers have been designing and manufacturing thermoforming machines since 1981, and complete IN LINE plants since 1992.Today the company has an established international reputation for the production ofhigh performance and reliable machinery that are involved in processing thermoplastics worldwide.



WM Wrapping Machinery SA offers the following Thermoforming machinery:

  1. FCSPEEDMASTER PLUS  Series; new generation of vacuum and pressure forming machines, assures the highest level of automation and the new control system guarantees efficiency and highest performances with all materials.Constant forming quality, very short re-tooling times, accuracy in cutting, high flexibility and ease of use are only few of the advantages of the Speedmaster Plus line.
  2. The FT DESMOFORMER Series;simultaneous forming and punching thermoforming machine guarantees outstanding product dimensional precision and the rapid ejection of the formings. Different plug speeds and times can be programmed, which can considerably improve the aesthetic appearance of the forming plug marks. Differentiated stacking systems can be supplied to optimize the machine speed in relation to the size and format of the items to be produced.
  3. INTEC Series; complete in-line plants = sheet extrusion + thermoforming. Due to the immediate thermoforming of the extruded sheet, the characteristics of the sheet are uniform. This enables, in the following phase of thermoforming, improved mechanical and structural properties and better aesthetic appearance of the final product. Lighter formings can be produced with the same rigidity and less waste; using less space and energy.
  4. Pre-Heating OvensPH Series; easy and quick feeding, high efficiency, optimum temperature distribution, and optimum insulation; all to improve thermoforming of polypropylene. 

WM Wrapping Machinery SA has established a specific service structure of skilled specialized technicians selected in the different compartments of the company.The technical staff has been extensively trained on thermoforming technology and to the specific maintenance and service program of WM thermoforming plants. In addition, this skilled team is continuously engaged in developing new process improvements and tailor-made solutions to meet the special requirements of each customer. The very close co-operation with our customers is essential to ensure success and the best results.

An additional step was taken to further improve customer services when an agreement with Plastic Machinery Service s.r.l. was concluded for the organization of spare part handling and supply all over the world.This solution assures a more flexible structure and faster reaction resulting in a better and precise service to the final users.