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UNICOR Corrugators are used for the production of all pipe dimensions from technical pipes with a diameter of 3 mm up to sewage and drainage pipes with a diameter up to 2400 mm.Unicor Shuttle Technology is patented and up to 50 large sized corrugators have been sold worldwide since its introduction.

Unicor equipment range:

  1. UNICOR Corrugators
  2. Extrusion Tools (customized die heads, etc…)
  3. Downstream Equipment (Reamer, Tipping table, Spray cooling, Haul-off, Planetary saws, Rotary slitting units)
  4. Second Hand Machinery

Unicor corrugates pipes range comes in 3 categories:

  1. Small-size corrugators          3 – 90 mm
  2. Mid-size corrugators:           32 – 800 mm
  3. Large-size corrugators:         1200 – 2,400 mm

Corrugated pipes find applications in many markets and industries such as:

  1. Automotive Industry:Windscreen wiper feeding pipe, Hoses for air-conditioning systems, Tank filler necks and tank ventilation, Cable Protection Pipes.
  2. Medical Applications:Respiration tubes, etc…
  3. Food Industry:Drinking straws, etc…
  4. Protective Pipes: for cable and fiber glass for different fields (shipping, mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, etc…)
  5. Household Applications:Cables for vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washing machines, etc…
  6. Water drainage: Pipes for farming and roads, water conduits, sewage pipes, manholes, etc…
  7. Telecom/IT:Technical pipes for computers
  8. Heating, Air-con, Sanitary:Warm and cold water hoses in the field of heating and pipes in the field of air-conditioning.

The production of corrugated plastic pipe demands for perfectly working corrugators that are exactly adapted to customers' needs. Since 2007 UNICOR offers the possibility to equip UNICOR corrugators with a remote support system. With this system our service engineers in most cases can inspect the control system of the machine directly from Hassfurt; Germany. This offers in most cases a fast solution to the problem and - in turn - saves time and money.