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With more than 6000 systems worldwide, PLAST-CONTROL is the leading manufacturer of automation systems for the plastics extrusion industry. PLAST-CONTROL offers a wide range of solutions for control and measuring demands; from stand-alone systems up to plant wide data processing systems.

PLAST-CONTROL offers the following solutions:

  1. Material Conveying (individual lines & plant-wide systems).
  2. Pipe Indent; wireless sensor system to eliminate the incorrectcoupling of pipes.
  3. Extrusion Control (Batch Blending & Continuous Dosing); up to 6 dosing units per extruder.
  4. IBC Control (stand-alone & systems integrated into line control systems); with single or multiple contactless sensors.
  5. Cooling Rings(up to 40% performance improvements); with enhanced aerodynamic flow paths for increased bubble stability, improved tolerances, and increased outputs.
  6. Profile Measurement(Contact & Contactless technologies); appropriate for sticky and surface sensitive films.
  7. Profile Control(up to 50% improvements in basic tolerances); with feedback from profile measurement, profile control can command up to 80 actuators to achieve the target.
  8. Line Control(for new lines &retrofitting); simple central graphical control of all line components via a touch screen.
  9. Central PCC; Plant-wide connection of your extrusion lines.
  10. Calibration Cages; with choice of appropriate rollers for different applications.

With over 30 years of cooperation with universities, customers, and machine manufacturers; PLAST-CONTROLsoftware and hardware systems are built to match your specifications. For both new installations and retrofits, the technology is individually designed and engineered to fit seamlessly into your system and facility. Customer-specific modifications include hopper adaptations, individually written software, and more.