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Rapid was established in Bredaryd, Sweden, in 1942 when local plastics molders were asking the company to develop a machine to grind plastic waste. With closer cooperation with such companies Rapid successfully entered the field. Today the plant is totally dedicated to manufacturing an extensive range of granulators for in-plant recycling of plastic waste.Headquarter and main manufacturing plant is still located in Bredaryd, Sweden, with company owned plants in the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, China and Middle East. Rapid has about 300 employees worldwide, and supply about 150 countries with products supported by more than 90 agents and distributors worldwide.



With a mission to design, build, and sell the world’s best size-reduction solutions; and a vision of continuously being the undisputed leader in supplying size-reduction solutions in the global plastics market through improved innovation and increased customer satisfaction; it is clear who leads the market when it comes to such solutions.
Rapid manufactures the following products:

  1. Granulators; up to 4000 Kg/h throughput capacity.
  2. Shredders; up to 1500Kg/h throughput capacityfor large bulky lumps, containers, and pipes (6 meter in length & 1400mm in diameter).
  3. Dust Separation (At the end of granulators or complete systems for regrind transport within factories).
  4. Guillotine systems; fully automated and tailored solutions for recycling edge trims directly from sheet extrusion lines (especially important when it comes to thick sheets).
  5. Metal Detection; systems for conveyor belts.
  6. Metal Separation;systems for removal of metallic contaminants from bulk materials.
  7. Noise Control; modular silencing systems for machinery and pipes to reduce factory noise levels.
Rapid is: « Often copied, Never matched »

 Because everything is done under one roof, machines and components are readily accessible, different departments communicate easily, and changes can be made efficiently. Moreover, Rapid can keep tight control over product specifications and quality. These factors allow granulator development to go hand-in-hand with production improvements, thereby enabling Rapid to respond rapidly to customer demands and stay ahead in its field.

Rapid Products provide solutions for the following processes:

  1. Injection molding
  2. Blow molding
  3. Pipe and Profile extrusion
  4. Film and Sheet extrusion (complete sheets, rolls, and edge trims)
  5. Thermoforming

Over 70 years of accumulated experience of plastic waste recycling result in granulators with high standards to give customers the assurance of optimal lifecycle economy, better granule quality, easier access to machine components, and a safer working environment.