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Established in 1952,Omso has been designing and manufacturing high tech machines to directly print on containers and other hard surfaces for more than 60 years. Omsoproduction focuses on three basic processes: dry-offset printing, flexographic printing, and screen printing. Examples of products printed on OMSO machineries are:


  1. Tubes (Plastic & Aluminum); up to 8 colors & 24 stations.
  2. Bottles (Plastic & Glass); up to 10 colors.
  3. Caps closures as well as Corks (Plastic & Aluminum); up to 6 colors.
  4. Cups; up to 9 colors.
  5. Lids & Boxes; up to 8 colors.
  6. Quality Control; Automated & Integrated inspection systems.

Auxiliary operation like capping, sealing are managed to achieve the customer requirement. Omso’s flexible solutions allow the fulfillmentof any printing and customer requirement with fast change-over to guarantee high production yield. Such printing technology is universally appreciated by the leaders in consumer products such as; Unilever, Proctor& Gamble, Nestle, etc…

Omso is a firm believer in advanced technological development, and have an experienced team which grasps the evolving needs of the industry while adapting with versatility to a more quality-oriented market. In addition, a Quality System has been introduced in compliance with UNI EN ISO9001 standards; documented by the Quality Assurance Manual, Management Procedures and the associated Operative Documents. The intention is to operate so that OMSO’s reputation with the customers reflects the quality of the product and service supplied.