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ITW Dynatec, headquartered in Hendersonville, TN, USA; was formed through the merger of LTI, Mercer, and Macon in 1992; when purchased by ITW (Illinois Tool Works). Manufacturing operations currently take place in China, Japan, Germany and France. ITW Dynatec is a provider of value-added Bonding and Coating Solutions that helps its customers to increase their production efficiency, reduce waste and become more competitive. All of the solutions Dynatec provides are built around Quality, Innovation and Sustainability. Those three factors drive the company as a whole, as well as each of the 4 core business segments: Packaging, Disposable Hygiene Products, Coating & Laminating, and many more.

ITW Dynatec provides the following products

  1. Adhesive Applicators (Bead, Slot, Spray/Fiberized Glue, and Precision Metering).
  2. Adhesive Pattern Controllers
  3. Adhesive Hoses (Patented Gemini Hot Melt Hose technology)
  4. Adhesive Supply Units/Melters (Low & High Volume, Drum Melters & Pelletized Feed Systems)
  5. Cold Glue Application System (Contact & non-Contact high speed applicators)

The mentioned products provide ideal solutions for:

  1. Non-woven applications for filtration and medical composites
  2. Tapes and labels
  3. Disposable hygiene products (baby diapers, adult incontinence, feminine hygiene)
  4. Packaging (Corrugated Cardboard, Box Folding, Envelops, Pack Sealing)
  5. General Lamination Projects

ITW Dynatec has continuously focused on R&D and growth. The most recent step towards completing their product range took place when Dynatec Europe acquired INATEC GmbH; designer and manufacturer of hot-melt adhesive application systems.