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Hudson Sharp BAG making machines are the most reliable and fastest cutting machines available in the market place.Hudson Sharp is a world-wide leader in the design and manufacture of plastic bags making machinery, pouch making equipment, and reclosable packaging solutions. Some of the bags made on Hudson Sharp equipment are:

  1. Bread Bags
  2. Merchandise bags
  3. Hygiene bags
  4. Deli Bags
  5. Stand-up Pouches
  6. 3-side seal pouches
  7. Security pouches
  8. Bags-on-a-roll
  9. Folded and stacked trash bags
  10. Inno-lok pre-zippered roll stack
  11. Pour &lok re-closable packaging
  12. High Speed Wicketers
  13. Wicket Automation (Zipper bags as well).

Headquartered in Green Bay, USA; Hudson-Sharp is dedicated to helping converters make value-added, high quality bags and pouches. With innovative team of engineers and support staff, Hudson-Sharpcan also custom design machinery for your specific flexible packaging application.