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Extrusion Dies Industries (EDI), established in 1971, is the world leader in the technology of flat extrusion dies, co-extrusion feed-blocks, and slot die coating heads. With more than half of its production exported to outside the USA, EDI Flat dies are found on most CAST FILM lines, COATING EXTRUSION, and SHEET EXTRUSION lines all over the world.

EDI offers a wide range of flat dies as well as other products and services:

  1. Cast Film Dies
  2. Oriented Film Dies
  3. Raffia Tape & Split Film Dies
  4. Sheet Dies
  5. Extrusion Coating Dies
  6. Compounding & Pelletizing Dies
  7. XPS Foam Board Dies
  8. Polyside& Stripe Dies
  9. RPVC Siding Dies
  10. Twin Wall Dies
  11. Fixed Geometry Co-extrusion Feed-blocks
  12. Adjustable Geometry Co-extrusion Feed-blocks
  13. Liberty Fixed Lip Coating Systems
  14. Adjustable LipCoating Systems
  15. Auxiliary Equipment:Cleaning & Maintenance Systems, Deckling Systems, Die Carts, Distribution Blocks, Adapters, Separation Devices, and Vacuum Boxes.
  16. Service Contract for upgrading and maintenance to maintain efficiency and quality.
  17. EDI also offers laboratory service & trials at their technology center in the USA.
  18. International support network that provides rapid access to sales services, technical assistance, spare parts, and rework services

EDI has patented Multi-layer die technology that has become a worldwide industry standard in gauge control. Such state of the art technologies result in better product quality, enhanced
raw-material economy, and increased productivity. EDI is the only flat die builder with a unique three-dimensional manufacturing capability, from creating initial concepts to cutting the steel. This makes customized ideal solutions for different applications possible. With this unrivaled flexibility in the world of flat dies, EDI can serve the following markets like no other:

  • Barrier Film & Sheet Industry
  • Cast Film Industry
  • Compounding & Pelletizing Industry
  • Extrusion Coating Industry
  • Flexible Packaging Industry
  • Fluid Coating Industry
  • Hot Melt Industry
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Industry
  • Optical Film Industry
  • Oriented Film Industry
  • Solar Power Photovoltaic Industry
  • Thermoformed Sheet Industry
  • XPS Foam Board Industry