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AFS is the German and worldwide leader of TREATMENT UNITS for all types of plastics. AFS technology ensures that your treatment levels and equipment last more and cause less waste in plastic extrusion and printing.

AFS have been producing corona treaters and perforation machines for more than 25 years. Close collaboration with customers has provided AFS with a broad knowledge pool that exponentially grows on a daily basis. Today AFS builds the best systems ever; specifically:
  1. Plasmajet; is the name of AFS’ plasma-producing device for the activation and cleaning of plastic and metal surfaces before the adhesion, painting, or printing stages.
  2. Corona treatment;AFS corona stations require 40% less energy compared to competition equipment. This technology can be utilized in a number of processes, such as: Blown film extrusion, cast film extrusion, sheet treatment stations, BOPP/BOPET, pipe systems, coating, print & laminating, label processing equipment).
  3. Perforation; machines for the cost-efficient production of breathable packaging, filters, and gas membranes via the following techniques: Hot needle, cold needle, and Plasma.
  4. Generators; unrivalled low costs during their whole service life are making the AFS high-voltage generators the standard equipment of the world’s greatest manufacturers.
  5. Accessories; AFS have completed their product range with useful accessories such as: Test inks, quick test pens, and silicone-rubber sleeving.