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GÜNTER is a worldwide leader in BAG making; specialized for LARGE FORMAT BAGS. Whether your web is made of PE film or PP Woven products, GÜNTER machines are the most reliable and fastest in the market place for large bags.

GÜNTER offers high-end German technology for bags that are difficult to handle and where requirement for high output and efficiency is a must. GÜNTER specifically offers:
  1. Powerful heavy duty bag making machines (working width: 1200-3600mm; Length: up to 1000m; performance: 20-25 cycles/mi
  2. Versatile bottom weld machines (working width: 1000-2050mm; Bag length: 130-6000mm; Performance: 30-220 cycles/min).
  3. Universal side seal machines (working width: 950-1400mm; Bag length: 80-800mm; Web speed: 76m/min; Performance: up to 250 cycles/min).
  4. High speed hole punch units (Hole diameter: 0.7-150mm; Tool width: 20-150mm; Punch frequency: up to 45/sec; film thickness: 0.005-1500mm).
  5. GÜNTER can also offer second hand machines.