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Artificial turf 1

Artificial turf 2

Artificial turf 2

Artificial turf filaments 2

Monofilaments &arificial turf


Strapping tape 1

Strapping tape 2

Strapping tape 3

Strapping tape 4

1.Material Conveying & Dosing Systems
Individual and Plant-wide material conveying systems; Batch and Continuous dosing systems.
Supplier: Plast control

Pro Batch side view

Continuous dosing

Angel Hair sperators

Central Material conveying

Material Conveying diagram 2

Material Conveying 2

Dust & Contamination Filtration

Plant Wide Monitoring

Pro Lab II
Supplier: Maguire

1 component

Complete 4 component dosing

Simple 2 component

Standing units
2.Artificial Turfextrusion
High speed single screw & twin screw production lines forBico/Trico monofilaments &artificial turf up to 3 colors.Suitable for various polymers and with options for Inline/Offline texturizing and spiral wrapping.
Supplier: Reifenhäuser

Monofilament & Artificial turf lines

Monofilament spin head

Monofilament line

Bicolor Bico-filaments

Artificial turf spin heads

Bico-filament line


Turf Draw Stands

Turf Fibrillator

Turf Stretching Oven

Turf water removal

High speed monofilament winder

Inline diameter control &Slub detector
2.1 Strapping Tape Extrusion
High speed single screw & twin screw PET/PP strapping tape extrusion lines.
Supplier: Reifenhäuser

Spin Head

Automatic strapping tape winders

Two position winders

Double station winder

Draw stands

Embossing Unit

Spin head for high ouputs

Spray cooling channel

Spray cooling system

Stretching bar
3.Cooling System
High accuracy individual/centralized chillers and thermal control units for machinery and factory cooling. Chiller/TCU production targets the following plastic industry sectors: extrusion, injection, thermoforming, recycling, printing, and lamination; amongst other industries such as pharmaceutical, food, aerospace wood, etc...
Supplier: Frigosystem


Kite DEX 3

outdoor installation

Pumping System 2

RACA C diagram


Temperature Control Units

Dry coolers 2
Granulators with Roll feeders for complete waste rolls; Multi-cutter and Guillotine systems for high thicknesses.
Supplier: Rapid

SE 75 special for edgetrim-2

SE G14 working inline-2

SE Guillotine system-principle

SE 1514-L-G14 giljotin left

SE 2036 KU special w int G14 for precutting of edgetrims-3

SE 205-KUP-back

IM 500-60 KUB with tunnel MD
5. Recycling
Innovative machinery solutions for the efficient recycling of a variety of plastics, such as; PE, PP, PA, PS, PET, and many more.
Supplier: Starlinger Recycling



Complete recycling line

Comp recostar