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Containers 2

Containers 3

Containers 4

Dog house

Floating pads

plastic bodies

Rotational molded fitting 2

Rotational molded fitting

Set of products

Belled Coupling

Connecting Corrugated pipes

Corrugated pipe coupling

Plug-in coupling

Single layer in-line coupling

Plug-in coupling 1

Unicor on-site 1

1.Material Conveying & Dosing Systems
Individual and Plant-wide material conveying systems; Batch and Continuous dosing systems.
Supplier: Plast control

Pro Batch Graphic

Continuous dosing close up

Angel Hair sperators diagram

Material Conveying

Material Conveying diagram 2

Material Conveying 2

Dust & Contamination Filtration

Width measurement 2

Plant Wide Monitoring

Continuous Dosing-side component feeding
Supplier: Maguire

1 component

Complete 4 component dosing

Simple 2 component

Standing units
2.Pipe Extrusion
Small, medium, and large sized corrugators ranging from 3mm inner diameter to 2400mm outer diameter; with various inner surface texture. Double and triple walled pipes are present in the product portfolio for the small & medium sized diameter ranges.
Supplier: Unicor

Corrugated extrusion line

Extrusion diagram

Belling machine

Extrusion machine 2

Extrusion machine-real

Extrusion Welding Equipment

Mid-size corrugators

Parking Station

Small Size Corrugators

Spin Welding Equipment
3.Turbomixing & Rotomolding
Rotational molding machines, turbo mixers and ancillary equipment for the preparation of PVC compounds and thermoplastic resins.
Supplier: Caccia





Large rotomolding



Mechanical parts
4.Cooling System
High accuracy individual/centralized chillers and thermal control units for machinery and factory cooling. Chiller/TCU production targets the following plastic industry sectors: extrusion, injection, thermoforming, recycling, printing, and lamination; amongst other industries such as pharmaceutical, food, aerospace wood, etc...
Supplier: Frigosystem


Kite DEX 3

outdoor installation

Pumping System 2

RACA C diagram


Temperature Control Units

Dry coolers 2
5. Granulation
Shredders with cassette knives in staggered formation and granulators with scissor v-cut action for energy saving and tough grinding of large pipes and containers.
Supplier: Rapid

PE 1000 f profiles-spec hop-bc-td-s cabin-ds-aut filter 6

PE 1000 f profiles-spec hop-bc-td-s cabin-ds-aut filter 7

PE 1000-comb-hopper-front

PE 1000-factory-movable hoppers-side

PE 1000-factory-side feed fixed hopper-side

PE Shredder T1500 1

PE Shredder T1500 2

PE Shredder T1500 with crane and 35-series KUB granulator-1

BM 3545 KUB inline

BM 3545-KUB-with containers

BM 8045 UB in soundcabinet with td and cooling system-2

BM Extend top pusher 1000 liter-3

1IM 600-120 article
6. Recycling
Innovative machinery solutions for the efficient recycling of a variety of plastics, such as; PE, PP, PA, PS, PET, and many more.
Supplier: Starlinger Recycling



Complete recycling line