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4_picture products

Cups & Trays

Cups & Trays 2

Thermoforming Products 2

Thermoforming Products 3

Thermoforming Products

Sheet Product - automobile parts

Sheet Product – Refrigerator

Sheet Product - shower cabins

Extrusion Coating Product

Extrusion Coating Product 1

Extrusion Coating Product 2

Extrusion Coating Product 3

Extrusion Coating Product 4

Extrusion Coating Product 5

1.Material Conveying & Dosing Systems
Individual and Plant-wide material conveying systems; Batch and Continuous dosing systems.
Supplier: Plast control

Pro Batch Graphic

Continuous dosing close up

Angel Hair sperators diagram

Material Conveying

Material Conveying diagram 2

Material Conveying 2

Dust & Contamination Filtration

Width measurement 2

Plant Wide Monitoring

Continuous Dosing-side component feeding
Supplier: Maguire

1 component

Complete 4 component dosing

Simple 2 component

Standing units
2.Sheet Extrusion
ABS/PS, PP/PS, PET, PMMA/PC, Mineral-filled PP, and Barrier sheet.
Supplier: Reifenhäuser

Sheet line Diagram

Sheet line PLC

Reifenhauser single screw extruder

Screen Changer Unit

Melt pump unit

Flat dies for thermoforming sheet

Flat dies –Coathanger


Mirex-MT 6

Mirex-MT 3

Mirex-MT 4

Mirex-MT 2


Polishing stack vertical roll arrangement


Air knife

Lamination Unit

Thickness measurement unit

Thickness measurement unit 1

Special design Roller table

Roller table

Cutter for edge trim

Sheet Haul-off

Discharge Table

Suction Head Stacker

Cantilever winder

Turret winder - Cantilever design

Turret Winder

Jumbo Roll winders for multiweb
2.1 Extrusion Coating
Flexible and high-speed Extrusion Coating for automotive, textile, construction, and food industries.
Supplier: Reifenhäuser

Coating line 1

Extrusion Coating 1

Extrusion Coating 2

Extrusion Coating 3

Extrusion Coating PLC

Extrusion Coating Unwinder

Coating Die heads 1

Coating Die heads

Extrusion Coating die with internal deckling


Laminator 1

Laminator 2

Laminator 3

Extrusion Coating Winder
3.Corona Treatment
Plasma, Corona Treatment, and Hot needle perforation
Supplier: AFS

Corona treatment 1

Corona treatment 2

Corona treatment 3

Corona treatment 4

Corona treatment 5

Multiple Corona treatment Units


Display gross

Hot needle perforation
For fast, accurate, and reliable high-quality thermoforming machinery with the options for different combinations of multiple stations; including pre-heating ovens.
Supplier: WM-Thermoforming



Pre-heating oven Inside

Pre-heating oven


Stacker 2

Complete In-line thermoforming

Complete closed loop system

FC heating section

FC heating section

FC Plugs section

FC Plugs

FC multi section

FC unwinder section
4.1 Thermoforming Molds
Tailor-made molds for food containers and cups made from PP, PS, PVS, and PET with various function options; simultaneous or separate forming & cutting, forming and combined/separate steel rule die.
Supplier: Thermostampi

separate forming cutting

simultaneous forming cutting

separate forming steel rule die cutting

simultaneous forming steel rule die cutting

Mould-design Diagram

High precision perforating equipment

Mold production

Prototyping on 3D printer

testing & pre-production



5. Granulation
Granulators with Roll feeders for edge trim and complete rolls waste; Multi-cutter and Guillotine systems for thick sheets.
Supplier: Rapid

FE 3560-KURF with RFL-60-double drive-split pressure rolls

FE 6090 URF with 2 rollerfeeds RF1000DS and double blower-4

FE 80125 URF w 2 rf RFH120 double blower 4 BOPP film-roll

SE 75 special for edgetrim-2

SE 1528 U special hopper edgetrim 2

SE G14 working inline-2

SE G27H with flying cut at client-4

SE G27H with flying cut at client-6

SE Guillotine system-principle

FE 300-60 KURF-full width grinding

1TF 2690 KURF in-line

1TF 2690 KURF with deformer-1

1FE 2690 KURF-at side of line close
6. Recycling
Innovative machinery solutions for the efficient recycling of a variety of plastics, such as; PE, PP, PA, PS, PET, and many more.
Supplier: Starlinger Recycling



Complete recycling line



7. Printing
Dry-offset, Flexographic, and Screen printing on hard surfaces; objects and containers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes
Supplier: OMSO



Servocup 2

Servocup 3

Servocup 1

Ultratube 2

Lycia lid print

Group of products

Coca cola cap print

Tubes body print
8. Automated Packaging
Conveying, counting and weighing, carton forming, pelletizing, and handling solutions; for vertical/horizontal packaging of cups, lids, trays, food, pharmaceuticals, spare parts and Hardware.
Supplier: Imanpack

Counting & Weighing

Cups packaging

Horizontal cup counting Close up

Horizontal cup counting

Horizontal flow pack 2

Horizontal flow pack 3

Horizontal flow pack

Horizontal lid packaging 2

Horizontal lid packaging

Horizontal lid sealing & cutting